BOP International Card

The Business of Prestige Foundation has taken action to provide international professional identity verification in the form of an intelligent management card with the following benefits in order to create the largest and most comprehensive international communication-development network, validation and to rank the economic activists in Persian-speaking countries



Asanexpo as the largest international e-commerce website in the Middle East provides the communications expansion and trade exchanges, export marketing and market development of goods and services and penetration into the new markets with manufacturing and service enterprises in B2B bed.



Asanmeto is the largest international health tourism service provider (medical tourism) for introducing the high quality doctors, hospitals and recreational and tourism and health centers and its related services to domestic and foreign patients in the Middle East region, especially Iran.

Shetab believes that the future of any company and organization depends on its current managers' decisions and activities, and since the prerequisite for the right decisions is to have up-to-date and accurate information and effective analysis of this information, it tries as an accelerating company to catch up with Iranian companies and organizations towards its mission in assisting to promote our beloved country(Iran)’s position and economic power with and help them take the right and systematic steps providing correct and exact information.