With the advancement in industry and economics, the need to the other persons’ experience has increased, and individuals have turned from trial and error to the transfer of knowledge and information gaining. Undoubtedly, and according to all the professionals and experts approval, the era to which we belong is the information and communication one. In the current competitive environment, only businesses will manage to survive and take profit that adopt the power of information and consider a special niche to attract and utilize the new information in their strategy. Nowadays, the importance of accessing to the information for market events’ awareness over a variety of time intervals is indisputable in financial and competitive markets.
can help economic actors make optimal decisions. Given these new conditions, some companies have been established as the accelerators throughout the world in recent years with the aim of raising the scientific level and businesses’ skill growth, as well as of supporting the investment in small and large companies. The Shetab World Trade Group is also established as one of the very first accelerator companies with the aim of raising the managers’ knowledge and economic actors as well as of marketing and market development for the Iranian services and commodities in Asia and Europe.
Shetab Holding (market information analysis and recognition) is established with a view on the tools and common types of informing in the world's commercial and financial markets to provide information on various markets in Iran and economic forecasts in the interested formats and needed by managers and investors through which provide the necessary infrastructures and beds for Iranian companies’ more powerful presence in the global markets. Shetab believes that the future of any company and organization depends on its current managers' decisions and activities, and since the prerequisite for the right decisions is to have up-to-date and accurate information and effective analysis of this information, it tries as an accelerating company to catch up with Iranian companies and organizations towards its mission in assisting to promote our beloved country(Iran)’s position and economic power with and help them take the right and systematic steps providing correct and exact information.


Creation of a professional identity for the managers and economic activists through skill development and empowerment promotion

Creation and facilitation of investment opportunities in small and large economic enterprises

Market development and marketing of Iranian goods and services in the field of domestic and foreign trade


Becoming the best company in the field of international trade exchanges and interactions in the Middle East region until 2025


Management consultation in the field of export and domestic marketing, sales of services and products brokerage

Provision of brand management consultation services to expand the competitive market in the Middle East region.

Provision of information and advertisement consultation services with private companies with an e-commerce approach

Training and empowering the proficient personnel and managers by holding internal and external events

Establishing the exclusive training programs at customers’ request and in accordance with their specific need

Evaluation and development of managers and entrepreneurs for the commercialization of innovative ideas

Investment consultation and provision of advisory services in the field of identification and exploitation of threats and opportunities

Managing and improving the companies’ process through the implementation and adoption of quality management system standards