Business events:

Shetab Global Trade Holding with registration number of 53773 is an implementer for organizing more than 20 major training and trade events and has trained over 3000 executives with the presence of 50 most famous and authenticated renowned domestic and international lecturers and speakers so far. Organizing the conferences, seminars, trade summits etc. is the most effective process in promoting the people's educational level and exchanging the trade communications and information. The importance of holding such events is to identify the problems and dilemmas, and to provide an alternative and solution to eliminate them for corporate executives.

  • Designing the trade summits and events using market information analysis and recognition.
  • Participation in organizing both domestic and foreign exhibitions and events.
  • Participation in the dispatch and acceptance of training and trade boards.
  • Establishment of the executive and administrative secretariat of the event and the provision of manpower for recall and registration .
  • Establishment of an expert and experienced executive team for organizing, formalities, security, entertainment and accommodation .
  • News and advertisement coverage in domestic and foreign audio and visual media .
  • Identifying and inviting professional domestic and international lecturers and practitioners.

National Conference held three decades of Iranian economic resistance

The magnificent summit of resilient economy with the title of three decades of resistance economy of Iran, with the cooperation and support of the Expediency Council of the system and other organizations and organizations of the country, was held at the International Center of Taban Mashhad Congress Center in October 2013 with the approach of drawing Iran's economic prospect under sanctions. According to the Shetab Corporation Organization’s Press and Information Center, the acceleration of the conference is aimed at understanding the government's and parliament's policies in the field of business, how to obtain government support in the field of work and entrepreneurship, the future of Iran's nuclear negotiations and economic sanctions, The victory in the upcoming markets, how to get the banking facility, the awareness of the latest Labor and tax laws. This seminar was ended with appreciation of Iranian model managers in the field of resistance economy.

Conducting a meeting of Islamic business leaders and heads in Kish

The one-day summit of Islamic business executives and leaders was held on the island of Kish. According to the report of the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Shetab World Trade Organization the conference was held in the Kish International Conference Center on Friday, April 25 with the Kish Free Zone Organization, from 16 to 22 pm with the participation of Professor Alireza Yousefi Ph.D., Strategic Management from the International University of Malaysia, Dr. Yahya Alavi, Ph.D. Marketing in the consumer behavior of the USA University and Dr. Mehdi Kanaani, a moderator and consultant in the field of investment, innovation and industry at the Gulf Hall.

The conference is a decade of lasting activity until Iran 1404

The conference will last for a decade of lasting business to Iran in 1404 with the efforts of the World Trade Organization and with the participation of the World Federation of Future Studies and the support of the Secretariat of the Expediency Council, the Ministry of Industry, Mine, Trade, the Tehran Governorate, and many governmental and private organizations and organizations on 25th of September 1395 ( 25th Shahrivar 1395 )was held at the International Congress Center of Islamic Azad University in Tehran.

Multinational Management Conference, Iranian Brand, Global Validity

The International Multinational Management Conference, the Iranian Brand, Global Validity with Global Entry Approach, was launched by the World Trade Organization (WTO) on December 9, 1395 at the International Centerof Milad Tower, Tehran. The seminar, with the participation of the leading and global leaders in management and branding of the members of the Scientific Council of the Shetab World Trade Organization and the European Union Representative, with the presence of the Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Iranian Academy of Sciences, and the directors and representatives of the company Organizations and organizations from all over the country.