Management consultation:

The Shetab Business Management Consultants Group is ready to serve the country’s management community with a serious belief in customer-orientation principle and relying on its valuable and successful experiences in more than 100 managerial projects in a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations. We believe that we need to apply the knowledge of management in a completely up-to-date manner and in accordance with the latest universal standards and using new technology in various industries in order to achieve growth in the industry and economy. Our greatest motivation and purpose is to provide operational solutions with the industries and companies’ directors in order to enhance the competition power, profitability, stakeholders satisfaction and to remove the organizational dilemmas creating efficiency and effectiveness. By relying on our experience and state-of-the-art knowledge, the creativity and smartness and experienced staff’s empowerment and based on an appropriate framework of skills and ability to solve the problem to create value in the areas of human capitals management, strategic management, knowledge management, marketing management and branding for your organization.

  • Empowering the companies’ human capitals as the main pillar of business.
  • Establishing a win-win relationship with all stakeholders.
  • Establishing a communications network with powerful domestic and foreign partners.
  • Reducing the companies’ time and economic loss by identifying the strengths and weaknesses .