Management consultation:

The Shetab Business Management Consultants Group is ready to serve the country’s management community with a serious belief in customer-orientation principle and relying on its valuable and successful experiences in more than 100 managerial projects in a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations. We believe that we need to apply the knowledge of management in a completely up-to-date manner and in accordance with the latest universal standards and using new technology in various industries in order to achieve growth in the industry and economy. Our greatest motivation and purpose is to provide operational solutions with the industries and companies’ directors in order to enhance the competition power, profitability, stakeholders satisfaction and to remove the organizational dilemmas creating efficiency and effectiveness. By relying on our experience and state-of-the-art knowledge, the creativity and smartness and experienced staff’s empowerment and based on an appropriate framework of skills and ability to solve the problem to create value in the areas of human capitals management, strategic management, knowledge management, marketing management and branding for your organization.

  • Empowering the companies’ human capitals as the main pillar of business.
  • Establishing a win-win relationship with all stakeholders.
  • Establishing a communications network with powerful domestic and foreign partners.
  • Reducing the companies’ time and economic loss by identifying the strengths and weaknesses .

Electronic commerce :

In current competitive world, customers carry out enough research about a product or service before they buy a product or use a service. They will choose you when they have trusted on your brand, and the point is that you would create such a trust for them. It is important for each company to be seen in the search results and to be changed into the target market for many internet customers in order to be able to ultimately make them loyal to itself and changes them into permanent customers. Meanwhile, much expenses will be spent to create these features on websites and companies. We will help you perform successfully in the online marketing process as well as in implementing the successful e-commerce strategies.

  • Provision of effective strategies and alternatives for e-commerce.
  • Provision of strategy and implementing the effective solutions in digital marketing.
  • Provision of strategy for identifying the target customers.
  • Provision of an online marketing strategy.
  • Provision of effective solutions for customers’ relationship management and for making them loyal .
  • Provision of knowledge management solutions in e-businesses.

Business events:

Shetab Global Trade Holding with registration number of 53773 is an implementer for organizing more than 20 major training and trade events and has trained over 3000 executives with the presence of 50 most famous and authenticated renowned domestic and international lecturers and speakers so far. Organizing the conferences, seminars, trade summits etc. is the most effective process in promoting the people's educational level and exchanging the trade communications and information. The importance of holding such events is to identify the problems and dilemmas, and to provide an alternative and solution to eliminate them for corporate executives.

  • Designing the trade summits and events using market information analysis and recognition.
  • Participation in organizing both domestic and foreign exhibitions and events.
  • Participation in the dispatch and acceptance of training and trade boards.
  • Establishment of the executive and administrative secretariat of the event and the provision of manpower for recall and registration .
  • Establishment of an expert and experienced executive team for organizing, formalities, security, entertainment and accommodation .
  • News and advertisement coverage in domestic and foreign audio and visual media .
  • Identifying and inviting professional domestic and international lecturers and practitioners.

Investment consultation department and start-ups expansion:

We believe that the country's future and development will be realized by the hands of brainy youths and entrepreneurs who apply their power and thought to find innovative solutions to the different existing challenges and needs in the society and the market. With the validation of innovative ideas and supporting the creation of collaborative workplaces, the Center focuses on start-ups’ fast and rapid growth through investment, mentoring, helping to formulate appropriate business plan and providing access to private sector firms, markets and investors and attempts to make the start-ups familiar with business skills and to provide the necessary conditions and tools for their success. Shetab receives a portion of the share of the considered start-up with regard to the modality and services level versus services delivery. Hence, the Shetab investment and financing department provides you with the potential and capacity to create a new business by providing the appropriate financial and investment solutions. Keeping the capital in cash and or in the form of bank deposits, especially in countries with high inflation, can lead to capital depreciation after a few years. While recognizing and analyzing the market, our expert team carries out precise studies in various fields of work including production, services, industry, education and treatment, and offers you the selection of an investment with a minimum risk and, as far as possible, in accordance with your tastes and specialty by providing appropriate solutions. .

  • Consultation on participation in companies, selection of investor and financial and business partners.
  • Consulting and market analysis and investment location.
  • Consultation on the risk of investment from any types. .
  • Consultation on selecting the projects for investment.
  • Consultation on how to invest, duration and amount of investment in projects.